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Ian Dony BSc DipBldgCons MRICS FCABE

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Ian Dony, Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Ian Dony MRICS

The practice is headed by Ian Dony BSc DipBldgCons MRICS FCABE, a Chartered Surveyor with 20 years post-qualification experience - an expert in home surveys and asset management work across the Thames and Cotswolds.

Ian upholds strict ethical and practical standards. He utilises his expertise in property to enable a unique perspective on real estate projects. As a surveyor, Ian also has the experience to provide reliable, accurate and expert reports on any and all defects.

A little background on Windsor:

Famous for its castle which was originally built by William I in 1070, Windsor has existed as a settlement since about the 7th century. The town was referred to as 'Windlesora' in the 11th century, recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. It originates from the Old English of 'Windles-ore' which means 'winch by the riverside'. The 8th century saw visitors of high status and eventually of royalty, this increased after the Norman Conquest of 1066, probably due to its expansive woodland that gave royalty the chance for good hunting. The 12th century saw the royal household be relocated here to Windsor Castle that was enlarged in 1110, the site was also renamed to Old Windsor.

A cobbled shopping street in Windsor
A cobbled shopping street in Windsor

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